The Export-OneNote cmdlet does what it says and exports information held in OneNote notebooks.  There are a number of very nice features about this cmdlet.  The main one is the number of formats to which data can be exported – MHT, PDF,DOC, OnePKG, XPS and Web with RSS mentioned but not yet supported.  This gives the numerous possibilities.

To export a single section try

Export-OneNote -Path "onenote:technicalgeneral" -OutputPath ‘c:testgeneral.pdf’ -Format pdf

where we supply a onenote path to the section and where we want the file to be produced and in which format.

If we want to export a whole notebook then

Get-ChildItem -Path "onenote:technical" | Export-OneNote  -Outputpath "c:test" -Format pdf

will do that for us.  If there are multiple pages in the section they are preserved as multiple pages in the exported file.

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