An Sddl is a Security Descriptor Definition Language string – – that provides a succinct way to provides the security descriptor of an object as a string. An example Sddl would be


Now I’m sure that’s totally clear to everyone but just in case you can’t decode it PowerShell has a cmdlet – ConvertFrom-SddlString – that can help.

(Get-Acl -Path C:\test\erorfile.txt).Sddl | ConvertFrom-SddlString -Type FileSystemRights

If you want the output to be more readable try

((Get-Acl -Path C:\test\erorfile.txt).Sddl |
ConvertFrom-SddlString -Type FileSystemRights |
Select-Object -ExpandProperty DiscretionaryAcl) -split ‘:’

ConvertFrom-Sddl can work with permissions from file system, registry and Active Directory among others

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