Sort direction

By default Sort-Object uses an ascending sort direction.

Get-Command | Sort-Object -Property Source

will sort the commands based on the Source (module) in ascending Source order.

If you use multiple properties

Get-Command | Sort-Object -Property Source, Name, Version

Your output is sorted by Source, by Name within Source and by Version within Name.

All of these sorts are ascending sorts – A-Z or 1-9 etc

You can change the sort direction to Descending by using the Descending switch. If you have multiple properties involved in the sort they’ll be be sorted in a descending direction.

If you want some properties to be sorted ascending and some descending you need to explicitly specify the sort direction.

Get-Command | Sort-Object -Property @{Expression = ‘Source’; Ascending = $true}, @{Expression = ‘Name’; Ascending = $true}, @{Expression = ‘Version’; Descending = $true}

A hash table is used to specify the property (Expression) and the sort direction.

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