Volume friendly name

When you use Get-Volume one of the properties displayed is the friendly name

PS> Get-Volume -DriveLetter C

DriveLetter FriendlyName FileSystemType
———–     ————          ————–
C                                                NTFS

In this case its blank because I haven’t set a volume label.

If you try to access the FriendlyName property

PS> (Get-Volume ).FriendlyName

You’ll get nothing returned.

The actual property is FileSystemLabel

PS> (Get-Volume ).FileSystemLabel

FriendlyName is an alias for FileSystemLabel created in the CDXML that is used to create the storage module and in the formating system for display.


PS> Get-Volume -DriveLetter C | Format-List *


PS> Get-Volume -DriveLetter C | Get-Member

to view the properties on the object

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