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Active Directory cmdlets in PowerShell v6.1.1

Just discovered that you can run the Active Directory cmdlets in PowerShell v6.1.1 BUT there is a huge caveat. The Windows 10 October 2018 (Windows 10 1809) update includes the RSAT tools (including the AD tools) as optional features. This … Continue reading

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Reverse an array

Ever needed to reverse an array? If its sorted then sorting in the opposite direction will work. Most arrays aren’t sorted so you need to use the Reverse static method of the array class Here’s some examples $carray = ‘a’,’b’,’c’,’d’,’e’,’f’,’g’,’h’,’i’,’j’,’k’,’l’,’m’,’n’,’o’,’p’,’q’,’r’,’s’,’t’,’u’,’v’,’w’,’x’,’y’,’z’ … Continue reading

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Hyper-V book now available

My Hyper-V book now available. Ebook direct from the publisher: The Kindle version is on Amazon UK: Presumably other Amazon sites will follow soon The paper back version is on pre-order from Apress and Amazon to be available … Continue reading

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Finding the minimum and maximum values

Finding the minimum and maximum values in a set of numbers is ridiculously easy with PowerShell. I’ve created a function in line with the other techniques I’ve shown but in reality could be be done equally well as a single … Continue reading

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Windows 10 install wasting my time

I’ve just made the mistake of installing Windows 10 Insider preview build 18272 from the iso. The only thing I can say is that Windows 10 install wasting my time. The install proceeds as you would expect but then once … Continue reading

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