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Monitor resolution

A question on the forum about getting monitor resolution led to this code Get-CimInstance -Namespace root\wmi -ClassName WmiMonitorId | foreach {        $filter = (“InstanceName = ‘$($psitem.InstanceName)'”).Replace(“`\”, “`\`\”)         $maxres = Get-CimInstance -Namespace root\wmi -ClassName WmiMonitorListedSupportedSourceModes -Filter $filter … Continue reading

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PowerShell + DevOps Summit 2018 schedule

The schedule for the 2018 Summit still needs a little bit of polishing to finish it but it’s taking shape. I’ve started releasing information on that we’re using for all our scheduling needs for the Summit. The one and … Continue reading

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PowerShell v6: #1 major differences

In August 2016 PowerShell went open source. Since then we’ve seen 18 releases of alpha code and 8 beta release with another beta release imminent. This post – – from the PowerShell Team suggested a full release of PowerShell … Continue reading

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Use CIM cmdlets not WMI cmdlets

WMI and CIM seem to cause a LOT of confusion. Its really simple. CIM is an industry standard from WMI was Microsoft’s implementation of CIM way back in Windows NT days. The complication is that Microsoft had a set … Continue reading

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PowerShell templating systems

Code reuse is a big plus when you’re developing lots of scripts. The ability to create templates for your code can also save you lots of time – for instance when advanced functions first appeared I create myself a template … Continue reading

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