PowerShell pause

PowerShell pause – how can you pause a PowerShell script?

Two ways come to mind.

First if you just want the script to pause for a specified time period then you can use Start-Sleep

1..10 |
foreach {
   if ($PSItem -eq 5) {
     Write-Warning -Message “Starting sleep”
     Start-Sleep -Seconds 5

Run this and you’ll see the numbers 1-5 output then then warning message. After the delay you’ll see the numbers 6-10 output.

But what if you want to control the pause manually? Not sure if there are advantages to this approach but if you do need to do this you can use Read-Host

1..10 |
foreach {
   if ($PSItem -eq 5) {
     Read-Host -Prompt “Press Enter key to continue”

You’ll see the numbers 1-5 output then the message

Press Enter key to continue:

After pressing the enter key the script continues and outputs 6-10

Don’t know why you’d want to do this in an automation scenario but the technique is there if you need it – I don’t recommend the approach.

There are also a few cmdlets that can be used under specific circumstances:


Also check the –wait parameter on Restart-Computer

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3 Responses to PowerShell pause

  1. Frank B says:

    Shorter way to do the read-host, just use “Pause”

  2. Luke says:

    The While statement can also be a way to wait, for example in association with Test-NetConnection to test if a port is available or potentially other cmdlets with the Test verb.

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