You have to laugh

Sometimes things just happen and you have to laugh.

So I decided I wanted to get back to working with the Windows 10 Insider previews (and Windows Server previews). This time I decided to use VMs rather than my working machine so that interruptions were minimised.

I created a new Windows 10 VM and as normal for VMs I set the initial memory to 512MB and used dynamic memory so that the machine could claim more RAM if required. Windows 10 installed with no problems. (Remember this).

I then went into Window Update and signed into the Windows Insider program. After triggering a scan fro updates build 16241 showed up and started downloading. Great.

It tried to install but failed with a message that 2GB of RAM was needed to perform the install!

So I can install from scratch with less than 2GB of RAM but I can’t update the build unless I have 2GB RAM.

Nice piece of joined up thinking there guys.

Sometimes you just have to laugh.

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3 Responses to You have to laugh

  1. skolvikings says:

    While a little odd, I’ll grant you that, it’s not completely surprising. The base Windows 10 you installed was a final shipping version. The build you’re trying to upgrade to is an insider build. They probably require more memory since it’s effectively running the beta version of Windows.

    • No. I don’t think its the difference between shipping code and the update as on a second attempt it actually installed with less than 2GB RAM active on the VM. I think its a Windows Update issue. The Insider previews don’t completely replace your current Windows install just the relevant parts so its not a complete rebuild each time.

  2. smurawski says:

    I believe it’s the difference between installing from winpe and a full windows experience.

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