Are your domain controllers real?

A question on the forum asked about discovering if domain controllers are physical or virtual machines.

This will do the job

foreach ($domain in (Get-ADForest).domains) { 
  Get-ADDomainController -filter * -server $domain | 
  sort hostname  |
  foreach { 
    Get-CimInstance -ClassName Win32_ComputerSystem -ComputerName $psitem.Hostname |
    select PSComputerName, Manufacturer, Model

Get the domains in your forest and then for each domain get the domain controllers. Get-ADDomainController outputs an object with a property of hostname – but you need a computername for Get-CimInstance. So, use a foreach-object and use the Hostname property as shown (you could create a property ComputerName on the pipeline object but its more work) and get the results. A virtual machine will show under the Model. You can sort or whatever once you have the results.

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