ISE or VS code?

When PowerShell v2 shipped with the ISE it was seen as a great step forward. We now had a decent editor for creating PowerShell code and running that code. You could also invoke the debugger. Some extensions to ISE have occurred, most notably  Show-Command, but its essentially the same editor as in PowerShell v2

Visual Studio Code – now at version 1.11.2 – offers an interesting alternative. It manages a host of other languages as well as PowerShell. I currently have the extensions for Docker, Markdown, SQL, PowerShell, JSON and XML loaded. Many others are available as open source projects.

You can also open a terminal window which can be a command prompt, PowerShell or WSL bash – you could have all 3 open simultaneously if required.

The other big plus is that VS Code is cross platform so I can use the same editor on Windows and Linux. A big plus in these days of heterogeneous environments.

I’m going to try using VS Code instead of ISE for a while to see if it suits the way I work. If so it’ll become my default editor

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3 Responses to ISE or VS code?

  1. Jkavanagh58 says:

    I was against vscode but thought I would try it. With the PowerShell update I have not looked back.

  2. Thomas says:

    Unfortunately, VS Code has big problems with debugging Powershell. We tried it some month ago and we had to restart VS Code because it killed the Powershell debugging environmet in almost every debugging session.
    ISE? If we were 15 years ago, ISE would be ok. But today (compared to other open source IDEs) its a shame that Microsoft is offering such an Development Editor as a default environment.

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