Active Directory Schema Versions

With the release of Windows Server 2016 its time to update my schema versions script

$sch = [System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory.ActiveDirectorySchema]::GetCurrentSchema()
$de = $sch.GetDirectoryEntry()
switch ($de.ObjectVersion) {
    13{"{0,25} " -f "Schema Version $($de.ObjectVersion) = Windows 2000"; break}
    30{"{0,25} " -f "Schema Version $($de.ObjectVersion) = Windows 2003"; break}
    31{"{0,25} " -f "Schema Version $($de.ObjectVersion) = Windows 2003 R2"; break}
    44{"{0,25} " -f "Schema Version $($de.ObjectVersion) = Windows 2008"; break}
    47{"{0,25} " -f "Schema Version $($de.ObjectVersion) = Windows 2008 R2"; break}
    56{"{0,25} " -f "Schema Version $($de.ObjectVersion) = Windows 2012"; break}
    69{"{0,25} " -f "Schema Version $($de.ObjectVersion) = Windows 2012 R2"; break}
    87{"{0,25} " -f "Schema Version $($de.ObjectVersion) = Windows 2016"; break}
    default{"{0,25} {1,2} " -f "Unknown Schema Version", $($de.ObjectVersion); break}

The script uses the GetCurrentSchema static method on System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory.ActiveDirectorySchema. Derives a directory entry and uses the ObjectVersion to determine the corresponding Windows Server version.

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