using help proactively

I was reading a thread on the forum about using a particular cmdlet and it occurred to me that the person posing the question hadn’t actually looked at the help file for the cmdlet.

One of the first things I do when coming across a new cmdlet – either in some code or when I need to perform a new task – is to read the FULL help file for the cmdlet.


Get-Help Get-Process –Full


Get-Help Get-Process –Online

The online version tends to be updated quicker than the downloadable version.

Two areas to concentrate on.

The parameter list shows you what parameters are available, the input and relevant information

The examples section is possibly the most useful as you’ll find how you can actually use the cmdlet.

The detailed description and notes a re worth a read – especially for a cmdlet you’ve not used before

Think about the PowerShell experts you’ve come across. How did they get to be experts? A lot of it was reading the help files.

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