Disk identification

A recent question on the forums regarded using the Win32_LogicalDisk class to retrieve disk size and free space data.  A filter based on the disk letter was being used. The main error with the code was that the filter was being expressed as


rather than


The colon is necessary as its part of the DeviceId data – if you are in doubt about the form of the data required by the filter then examine the full output of the class to see an example.

There were a couple of other basic issues.

Firstly always output objects.

Secondly use the size constants MB, GB etc rather than calculating refresh each time.

The final modified code looks like this

$computername = $env:COMPUTERNAME
$partition = ‘C:’
$description = ‘backup_server’

Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_LogicalDisk -Filter “DeviceId=’$partition'”     -ComputerName $computername |
select PSComputerName,
@{Name=’Partition’; Expression={$_.DeviceId}},
@{Name=’Description’; Expression={$description}},
@{Name=’Size(GB)’;Expression={[math]::Round(($_.Size / 1GB), 2)}},
@{Name=’FreeSpace(GB)’;Expression={[math]::Round(($_.FreeSpace / 1GB), 2)}}

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