Parsing ipconfig /displaydns with regular expressions

In yesterdays post I used a series of split operations to parse the strings produced by ipconfig /displaydns

Regular expressions should give a more power full way to perform this task. Not being a big fan of regular expressions I tend not to use them but for the sake of experimentation I thought I’d try and figure out a set of regex to use.

This is as far as I’ve got

$props = [ordered]@{
  RecordName = “”
  RecordType = “”
  Section    = “”
  TimeToLive = 0
  DataLength = 0
  Data       = “”

$recs = @()

$cache = ipconfig /displaydns
for($i=0; $i -le ($cache.Count -1); $i++) {
if ($cache[$i] -like ‘*Record Name*’){
    $rec = New-Object -TypeName psobject -Property $props
    $rec.RecordName = $cache[$i] -replace “(\s*\w*){2}(\s\.){5}(\s\:\s)”, “”
    $rec.Section = $cache[$i+4] -replace “\s*\w*(\s\.){7}(\s\:\s)”, “”
    $rec.TimeToLive = $cache[$i+2] -replace “(\s*\w*){3}\s(\s\.){4}(\s\:\s)”, “”
    $rec.DataLength = $cache[$i+3] -replace “(\s*\w*){2}(\s\.){5}(\s\:\s)”, “”
    $irec = ($cache[$i+5] -split “: “)
    $rec.RecordType = ($irec[0].TrimStart() -split ‘ ‘)[0]
    $rec.Data = $irec[1]

    $recs += $rec
else {

$recs | Format-Table –AutoSize

I still need to work out how to process the data and record type using regular expressions

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