Stages of panic

You’re working on a new script and something’s not working properly and you can’t figure it out.

Panic level 1 is when you start using Get-Command and Get-member on everything in sight trying to figure out what’s wrong with the objects

Panic level 2 is when you realise you have to dig through the PowerShell help files. You have used Update-Help recently haven’t you.

Panic level 3 is when you start pulling your PowerShell books off the shelf and scanning the indexes. You have copies of PowerShell in Depth and PowerShell in Action handy don’t you.

Panic level 4 is when you’re resorting to forum searches in the hope someone else has had this problem.

Panic level 5 sets in when the only thing you can find on the Internet is a blog post you wrote 3 years ago which vaguely touches on your problem.

Now you’ve got to start again analysing the code from the top.

Congratulations – if you’ve reached this stage you’re a PowerShell expert!

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