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PowerShell Summit NA 2015 Agenda changes

WE had to make some minor changes to the Summit agenda – the revised schedule is shown on the event web site – Advertisements

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PowerShell Heroes 2015 has announced the 2015 list of PowerShell Heroes- These are people who have made an outstanding contribution to the PowerShell community but have not been recognised in other ways (such as an MVP award) Please join me in … Continue reading

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Event log dates

You can use Get-EventLog to query the event logs on you system Get-EventLog -LogName System One frequent task is to check if events occurred during a specific timespan. You may feel that you need to use a where-object filter to … Continue reading

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Add-Computer is your friend

When spinning up new machines and joining them to the domain at least 2 reboots are required. One when you rename the machine (Windows used to let you specify the name at install time – the removal of that feature … Continue reading

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foreach, pipelines and $_

I’ve recently seen a few questions where people have been using a pipeline inside a foreach loop and experienced problems when they’ve tried to access properties on the looping objects. To illustrate we’ll start with a CSV file containing emailaddresses … Continue reading

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DHCP scope lease time

I wanted to reduce the lease time on a DHCP scope $lt = New-TimeSpan -Hours 12Set-DhcpServerv4Scope -ScopeId -LeaseDuration $lt You could even make it a one liner if you wished Set-DhcpServerv4Scope -ScopeId –LeaseDuration (New-TimeSpan -Hours 12)

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A use for default parameters – default powershellget repository

When you use Find-Module by default all repositories are searched £> Find-Module -Name Pester | ft Version, Name, Repository -a Version Name   Repository——- —-   ———-3.2.0   Pester PSGallery3.2.0   Pester PowerShellModules If you don’t give a module name that could be a … Continue reading

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