PowerShell Summit Europe 2015 – – topics to include

Are you planning on attending the PowerShell Summit Europe 2015.  If so what topics would you like to see covered. The Summit is deliberately pitched at a high level so you won’t find beginner level content.

If there’s a topic you’d like to be included in the agenda – leave a comment explaining what it is and why you think it would make a good Summit topic. No promises but we’ll see what we can do

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3 Responses to PowerShell Summit Europe 2015 – – topics to include

  1. Tim Pringle says:

    Hi Richard. A Deep Dive about Integrating .NET and Win32API with PowerShell would be great. There are still many times when a dip into one of these is the best (or only) option. e.g. use Recycle Bin, Retrieve stored password from Credential Manager. Also gives a mega feeling of power to us scripters as well!

  2. Tim Pringle says:

    I’m going to be greedy and suggest another one as well….Test Driven Deployment with Pester. Highlights the software itself and how it can be used to make code better, and more reliable. And PowerShell’s flexibility.

  3. Fabien Dibot says:

    Hi Richard,
    I’d love to see Azure automation with SMA and/or Workflows, SCCM advanced scripting, DSC advanced scripting and Pester !!

    Have a nice day !

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