July 22 2014–deal of the day

Half off my book PowerShell and WMI. Use code dotd072214au at www.manning.com/siddaway2/


Half off PowerShell in Depth, Second Edition. Use code dotd072214au at www.manning.com/jones6/

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2 Responses to July 22 2014–deal of the day

  1. Quirel says:

    I already own the WIM book 😦

    But by the way: Will you write a second edition and get more details on CIM and the inner workings of remoting? I’m especially interested in IPv6 remoting and the usage with Linux OMI and pegasus interoperability. Is there support for WS-Man in Mac OS X? Also CIM combined with BITS and DSC for heterogeneous platforms. Then some Chef and Puppet ingredients. Ups, I think it is a hole new book! 🙂

  2. Thank you for purchasing the WMI book – hope you found it useful. I’m doing a session at the PowerShell Summit Europe that will look at PowerShell in a homogeneous environment including DSC, OMI and Linux. I’m also thinking of a book encompassing some or all of those topics

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