Workflows 6: suspending jobs

One of the great things about work flows is that you can stop and start them. A workflow can be stopped, on a temporary basis, by using the Suspend-Workflow activity.

workflow suspend1 {





This will run the Get-Service activity – and produce output to the console. The workflow will suspend and automatically create a job. You will see output like this:

HasMoreData     : True
StatusMessage   :
Location        : localhost
StartParameters : {}
Command         : suspend1
JobStateInfo    : Suspended
Finished        : System.Threading.ManualResetEvent
InstanceId      : bbe0903d-1720-46da-a6dd-e0a927aa9e11
Id              : 8
Name            : Job8
ChildJobs       : {Job9}
PSBeginTime     : 30/06/2014 19:40:29
PSEndTime       : 30/06/2014 19:40:29
PSJobTypeName   : PSWorkflowJob
Output          : {}
Error           : {}
Progress        : {}
Verbose         : {}
Debug           : {}
Warning         : {}
State           : Suspended


Notice the state.

You can  manage the job with the standard job cmdlets

£> Get-Job

Id Name PSJobTypeName State     HasMoreData Location  Command
— —- ————- —–     ———– ——–  ——-
8  Job8 PSWorkflowJob Suspended True        localhost suspend1


The job is restarted using Resume-Job. Once the job has finished you can use Receive-Job to get the rest of the data.

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