Difficult bits of PowerShell?

PowerShell has grown from the original 137 cmdlets to a huge many faceted management platform. Each new iteration of PowerShell sees new features – Remoting, Workflow, DSC, OneGet. I don’t expect that to change in the near future.

The sheer size of PowerShell means its very difficult to be an expert in everything?

Is there anything that you find particularly hard or need more examples?

Please leave a comment if there is something in particular you would like covered.

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4 Responses to Difficult bits of PowerShell?

  1. davecarnahan says:

    Difficult things in PowerShell? Don’t know that these are more difficult.or just lengthy and tedious:
    PowerShell and forms, Windows Forms, WPF, using the webclient for data transfer with and without credentials, and working with web sites to harvest data with and without credentials. Drilling into these for there richness they might provide… (yes I know, big topic if one really wanted to go there) but drafting things on your PC and others without the involvement of licensing other software for someone else. Also any abilities of graphing? Thanks for asking Richard. We don’t have to mention my name specifically. Best regards- Dave C. NA PowerShell Conference, Red Rock 2011.

  2. Quirel says:

    For me the most difficult things are classic shell operations! Maybe you know, it is called Powershell with lots of power and maybe some shell. What I mean is, where are all the cmdlets for creating file-shortcuts, howto get the run-folder of a link, howto extend the former start menu and so on.
    Howto easily extend the explorer sendto menu with own shortcuts or even linking powershell scripts, howto handle drag&drop files from explorer in powershell. Howto work with virtual objects in the shell namespaces. Where is the support for custom file formats?

    OK, most of it could be done via Win32, COM and .Net but, why should we? It is called a shell and as that it has to support the shell. Yes I know, this is not for server core but it is for the old gui-people 🙂 If Microsoft could abstract this away they could get rid off of so much old legacy stuff and windows 9 could run without cmd.exe and explorer.exe. There could be new creativity and let the people write their own shells with the power of powershell!!

    • That’s an interesting thought. I’ve blogged, and written, about doing a number of those actions and while they are possible programmatically I don’t agree that they should be a primary focus.
      Many of those tasks don’t fit into the server admin model which I feel that PowerShell is trying to address

  3. Quirel says:

    So, I think this is something, everybody who is analyzing log or configuration files with powershell come across: It is easy if you have a xml string to get the benefits of powershell by converting a string via $x=[xml]$myxml and using i. e. $x.Computer. You know what I mean.

    But nowadays more and more xml files have a namespace with them and when a xml file uses several namespaces how do you handle this? I know of a method via select-xml but are there others?

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