Loading the SQLPS module

Loading the SQLPS module gives you quick access to the sql cmdlets, sql provider and the SMO assemblies. It also, infuriatingly, moves your location into the sql provider.

I (really) *  (lots ) hate things that assume what I want to do.

You can use PowerShell to reverse this annoying, and arrogant action:


Import-Module SQLPS


Will get you back where you were.

SQLPS is slowly becoming a civilised member of the PowerShell eco-system especially when compared to its first incarnation.  A few more versions and it might behave properly.

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2 Responses to Loading the SQLPS module

  1. Derek says:

    Thank you for this, I haven’t used the Push and Pop-Location cmdlets. I was making a variable store the pwd, then cd back after an import! Gah.

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