Follow up on user group

I did a test tonight and the sound is definitely better over Lync.  The sound wasn’t perfect but was much better than Live Meeting. Actually, seemed usable.

The system seems a lot more responsive in terms of client screen refresh. When showing slides the client refreshes very quickly.  Showing code seemed better – not as quick bet definitely better than Live Meeting.  I’ll try a new microphone and see if that improves things

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2 Responses to Follow up on user group

  1. Richard says:

    Hi, I did suggest to our TAM that MS should donate a set of their latest and greatest audio gear to you in view of your sterling efforts in promoting Powershell, but never heard anything back! Regarding the meetings, bi-monthly would be fine – I appreciate how much effort must be required to produce a session. Recordings are essential for me as I’ve sometimes been unable to join the meetings as they happen. Keep up the good work!

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