Opinion–automate or suffer

I was on a course last week and one attendee uttered words to this affect “I won’t automate – it takes to long to write the code. I’ll keep doing it manually”

You may be able to do it faster the first time by performing the task manually. I can guarantee that the second time my automation will be faster and by the third time I’ll have recovered the effort I made in automating.

IT is getting more complicated, with more dependencies and less time to set things up. If you want consistent, quick results – automate. if you don’t – you’re in the wrong business.

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2 Responses to Opinion–automate or suffer

  1. This sounds like many IT Pros, they want the benefits of automation but won’t or can’t invest in the necessary time or resources. We need to show how to make developing an automation solution easier like using snippets or transcripts. We need more PowerShell toolmaking tools.

    • Jon says:

      As a System Admin, I agree with Jeffery. I try to use PowerShell whenever I can to automate repetitive tasks. However better tools to create those scripts would be welcome!

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