Windows 8 upgrade experience: #1

I’ve upgraded two machines to Windows 8

The first is my main working laptop:

  • Windows 8 Enterprise can’t do an in place upgrade of Windows 7 Ultimate. So had to re-install all my applications. Took the opportunity to upgrade to Office 2013 and Visual Studio 2012
  • Following installed and work:
    • Adobe Digital Editions
    • Camtasia
    • Snaggit
    • Live mail 2012
    • Palm eReader
    • Skype
  • Magic Disk is no longer required because Windows 8 can mount .iso files in the file system.  Right click an .iso file in File Explorer and Mount is the first choice on the context menu
  • Windows defender now does Anti-Virus


The second machine was my Dell Duo:

  • Installed windows 8 as an upgrade to Windows 7 Home premium
  • Kindle for PCs doesn’t work on Windows 8. Download the free Kindle app from the Microsoft  store. Its not obvious where the downloaded books are stored
  • The DUO is a hybrid netbook/tablet. The accelerometer stopped working post upgrade meaning the screen didn’t rotate. Not good for a tablet. Dell don’t appear to do an updated driver but a web search found the issue was fixable using the Samsung driver from
  • Running as a tablet swipe & touch all seem to work OK

One draw back to the Kindle app is that it only seems able to access ebooks through the Amazon store. With Kindle for windows PC I could add books in from other sources. Stopping this is a backward step.  Luckily I have other means of reading those ebooks

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