You may have noticed that I mention WMI from time to time Smile


Up to now WMI has been a Windows technology. Powerful but limited to Windows.  WMI has taken a giant step into the big bad world with the creation of OMI – Open Management Infrastructure thats WMI for non-Windows systems

Details are here


Expect more on this in the months to come

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2 Responses to OMI

  1. NanoWEBEM Alive !
    Thank you for sharing this !
    I hope the Unix/Linux community will adopt it 😉 (PowerShell management to every device!)

  2. So honestly, what does this mean in the long term? I didn’t test it yet but there is a WMI client for linux: Are you saying this would eventually lead to WMI server implementations for linux, OXS, BSD, Cisco etc? Would WMI effectively complement and replace SNMP at that point?

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