Pipeline input

A question on the forum asked about creating a function that accepts pipeline input OR has a path parameter.  Means it can be used like this

myfunction -Path C:\scripts\Test\proc.csv


(Get-Content C:\scripts\Test\files.txt) | myfunction

First create a csv file

Get-Process | Export-Csv proc.csv –NoTypeInformation

and test its contents

Import-Csv proc.csv

The full path to the csv file is:-  C:\scripts\Test\proc.csv

The function is like this

function myfunction{             
param (             
 if (-not (Test-Path -Path $path)){            
   Throw "Path NOT found $path"            
 Import-Csv -Path $path            

Use [CmdletBinding()] to get the debug and verbose parameters

Use ValueFromPipeline and ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName attributes [parameter()]

This covers generic input and if we have a csv with path as a column.

if you are accepting pipeline input you need to use a PROCESS block

Then the path is tested and rejected if not valid. Finally import-csv is used to read the file

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