PowerShell v3 in Depth

Hot on the heels on the announcements of that PowerShell v3 beta is available for download either as a free standalone product for installation on Windows 7, Windows 2008 & Windows 2008 R2 or as a commercial product where an operating system is included – Windows 8 or Windows server 8 to suit your mood


comes the announcement from Manning of a new PowerShell book

PowerShell v3 in Depth

Written by Don Jones, Jeffrey Hicks and myself it covers PowerShell v3 in great detail – how to get the absolute maximum out of PowerShell. The 40 chapters will cover all aspects of PowerShell v2 and v3. This book is about PowerShell it self – we won’t cover working with AD, Exchange etc.

This is a book with a single voice as all 3 authors work on each chapter – with individual anecdotes, comments and asides as a bonus-   you get our collected and individual experience and knowledge.  If you only buy one PowerShell book it should be this one

Access to the early drafts is available from


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