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File download problem

If you are using the Office 2010 TP and try to download a word document through Internet Explorer you end up in a continuous loop of being asked fro credentials.  The download site won’t recognise your local credentials so you … Continue reading

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TCP Ports

I came across this post that gives the well known service for a TCPUDP port.  Useful script but its written in VBScript.  Needs to be in PowerShell. 001002003004005006007008009010011012013014015 param ([int]$port)$data = @’1 = TCP Port Service Multiplexer2 = Management Utility3 = Compression … Continue reading

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Windows 2008 R2 RTM

It hasn’t had the same level of fanfares but Windows Server 2008 R2 RTM is available for download from TechNetMSDN.  I’ll be converting my test domain over the next few days and reporting on all the PowerShell goodies we get … Continue reading

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PowerShell v2

PowerShell v2 is available already in Windows 7 (and shortly in Win 2008 R2). A Release Candidate is now available for VistaWindows 2008 As explained it is a combined packages contain PowerShell v2, WinRM 2.0 and BITS 4.0 … Continue reading

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Blind Search

This is an interesting experiment – Enter your search and get results back from bing, yahoo and google.  But you don’t know which is which.  Then choose which you think returned the best results. Interesting results. Technorati Tags: Search … Continue reading

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System Up Time

The PowerShell team have just posted about obtaining system up time using a .NET class to convert the WMI date format to something thats readable There is a WMI only way of doing this $os = Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_OperatingSystem$os.ConvertToDateTime($os.LastBootUpTime) … Continue reading

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PowerShell 2 on Windows 7 – Remoting

One thing I noticed was that remoting appears to be switched on by default.  I did a clean install to the extent of deleting and resizing the install partition so it shouldn’t have picked up any remnants of previous installs. … Continue reading

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