PowerShell v2 help file

In PowerShell v2 we get a nice graphical help system that includes the cmdlets, the about files and and the User and Getting Started Guide. It doesn’t include the help for the optional modules though which is a pity.

The default locations on the Start Menu for PowerShell are Accessories – Windows PowerShell.  That is not very good placement considering Windows only really exists to give us somewhere to run Powershell 🙂  

In these locations the help files are not visible. If you open up ISE then you can access the help file.

If you pin PowerShell to the start menu on Windows 7 then you get access to the help through the recent files menu.  The help file is located (on my system) at C:WindowsHelpmui409WindowsPowerShellHelp.chm

I keep a shortcut on my desktop and a shortcut to the version 1 graphical help file from the script center.  that way I can compare changes.

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