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Thursday – Live Meeting

Don’t forget 7pm GMT on Thursday February 26th sees Rolf Masuch presenting on using PowerShell as Active Directory Login Script.  Details here!43CFA46A74CF3E96!2079    Technorati Tags: PowerShell,User Group

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PowerShell advanced function parameters

One annoying error I have just stumbled over.  When using the Parameter keyword don’t put a space after it.  If you do this [Parameter (Position=0,HelpMessage="The length of password. Default is random between 8 and 12")] you will get this error … Continue reading

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PowerShell ISE syntax errors

One thing I’ve noticed with the ISE is that if you have a syntax error such as mismatched brackets or forget a closing “ on a string all of the colour syntax highlighting disappears after the error – the text … Continue reading

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PowerShell v1 to v2 changes

Jeffrey left a comment on this post!43CFA46A74CF3E96!2084.entry regarding discovery of WMI classes.  He pointed out that if the line of PowerShell is changed to 001 Get-WMIObject -NameSpace root -Recurse -List *Printer*   that you can check all namespaces in one hit.  Recurse! where did … Continue reading

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Discovering WMI

One thing that seems to come up rather frequently on the newsgroups is what WMI class do I need to use to do X. The really confusing thing about WMI is knowing just what is available. I have done far … Continue reading

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Learning PowerShell – 4 friends

When you start learning PowerShell you will find that it has a massive amount of self discovery built into the system. There are four cmdlets you find yourself using all of the time: Get-Help Get-Command Get-Member Get-PSDrive Oh.  You want … Continue reading

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UK PowerShell UG meetings

Speakers for the next two meetings have been finalised. In March we will be bringing you: Jonathan Medd on the AD cmdlets in Windows Server 2008 R2 Alan Renouf on VMWare’s VI toolkit plus there will be an introduction to … Continue reading

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