Security by Annoyance

I have just received an attachment via hotmail.  The zip file contains an .msi.  I know the person sending me the file and I know what the file contains – explicitly.

I downloaded the file and tried to extract the msi.   Vista had decided that an msi is potentially harmful – please note the potentially – so it decide to block the zip file so I couldn’t extract the msi.  At no stage in the proceedings was I asked if I wanted the file blocked.

This then created a few minutes of frustration while I was trying to work out why I couldn’t extract the msi.

I believe in security and I appreciate what this is trying to do but it has gone too far.  I should be able to make the decision about the file not a setting buried in Windows Mail which is a utility I don’t use!!!  At the very least I should be warned about the blocking and given an option not to block.

We don’t like this precious….

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