Disk Volume Serial Numbers

A question was asked in the newsgroup about getting the Volume Serial Number of a disk in PowerShell.

One answer is to use

Get-WmiObject Win32_volume | Format-table Name, @{Label = "SerialNumber"; Expression = {"{0:X}" -f $_.SerialNumber}}  -auto

Note the use of the calculated column in the Format-Table.  This is because Win32_Volume returns the serial number as a decimal integer rather than a hex number as dir in a cmd prompt does.  Win32_Volume is only available on Vista and above.

Alternatively try

Get-WmiObject Win32_logicaldisk | Format-table Name, volumeserialnumber

which will work on XP.  It returns the volume serial number as hex.

This raises a very important point regarding WMI.  It is an evolving technology and new classes seem to be added with each version of Windows.  It is important to check which versions of Windows support a particular class.

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