The end of VBScript

the comment is made that
"While the end of life for VBScript has been announced (don’t freak out – it is going to be supported for a long time but the clock has started (it will become an optional component, then a web download, then a memory)), no such announcement has been made for CMD.exe. "
I had previously heard statements that VBScript was regarded as feature complete and that there wouldn’t be any more developement of the language.  This statement takes it a stage further and definitely makes PowerShell the scripting language of the future.  Couple this with the way PowerShell will be built into new Microsoft products and there really is no option but to learn it.
A statement was made at the Exchange 2007 Overviw of Wednesday the "you will have to learn PowerShell because it will be in all our products" 
The interesting question that I haven’t seen answered yet is what happens to all of the COM interfaces – Office, ADSI etc etc will they be all converted to .NET.   Interesting times ahead I think
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2 Responses to The end of VBScript

  1. Scotty says:

    Why would they have to be converted to .NET interfaces? PowerShell is capable of handling COM interfaces and with a bit of slight of hand you can access all the automation aspects VBScript can. COM is and I imagine will remain a key piece of the Windows plumbing in at least the medium term. If you look at Vista no attempt was made to chane the basic COM systems such as Explorer to .NET interaces for context sensitive menu’s etc.

  2. Richard says:

    Why maintain 2 sets of interaces.  If .NET is the future I would expect to see COM disappear (slowly) over time.

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