PowerShell Team blog

The PowerShell Team blog is a must read for anyone remotely interested in PowerShell.  In the last few days there have been some really useful articles.
My favourite of the bunch is the use of PowerGadgets to build a count down timer.  ONE line of code gives you a dial counting down in minutes to you appointed time. The really brilliant bit is that you can close the PowerShell window where you created the gadget but the gadget remains until you explicitly close it.  As it floats you can reposition and resize it as you require.  Too cool for words! 
I’m going to take the idea and turn it into a function that I can install via my profile.
The other article that caught my eye was a link to an article on Jim Truher’s blog.  This article describes how to extend the type system and an XSD schema for the extensions.  This allows you to add methods and properties to the objects you create in PowerShell.  This is really advanced stuff and demonstrates the true power of the product.
Two very different articles from the simple but incredible useful to the very advanced and incredible useful.. The PowerShell Team blog is a must read.
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