Adrian Beasley, a member of the UK PowerShell Users Group (www.get-psuguk.org.uk) has contributed two articles on PowerShell to the Industry Insiders site.
The articles cover PowerShell Installation and Executing a Command Line Utility from PowerShell and Waiting for it to Finish.
The articles can be found here.  The articles contain good material for every level of PowerShell experience.  Nice job Adrian.  Looking forward to more in the future. 
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2 Responses to PowerShell

  1. Jim says:

    You wrote that  the articles can be found "here" but the link is missing.
    Very nice blog on PoSH. 
    You UK guys have gotten an up and running UG pretty quickly.  Good luck – hope to see many good things coming from it.
    For PoSH from a different perspective ( less administrative and more programmie) see my blog at http://tech-comments.com.

  2. Richard says:

    Apologies for that.  You sometimes get so close to the info that you actually forget to type it in.  I’ve added the link now.
    Thanks for the good words about the UG.  It is still early days but looks very promising

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