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Run with PowerShell

Came across  something new today – Run with PowerShell. if you have PowerShell 3.0 or later installed – right click on your script and select “Run with PowerShell” A few rules though – The script can’t take parameters or output … Continue reading

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DSC for Exchange

A series of posts on using the Exchange DSC resources – starts here

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Upgrading PowerShell

The Scripting Guy has started a series on upgrading the version of  PowerShell you run.  My article in the series is out today –

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DSC Resource Kit Wave 8 coming?

Looks like the next wave of the DSC resource kit is on its way – a set of resources for Exchange 2013 have been published – with a wave 8 tag.   I’ve been waiting for the Exchange resources … Continue reading

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Default formatting

If you run get-process you will see something like this for each process £> Get-Process | select -f 1 Handles NPM(K) PM(K) WS(K) VM(M)  CPU(s)   Id ProcessName——- —— —– —– —–  ——   — ———–     80      7   960  4096    44         1560 … Continue reading

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PowerShell Summit Europe 2014 – All videos available

All of the recordings from the recent PowerShell Summit in Amsterdam are now available through the channel on youtube. The playlist for the Summit is Thank you again to the speakers, and attendees, who made for a wonderful … Continue reading

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WMI Associations

  I saw a question regarding finding the Win32_NetworkAdapter instance using the matching Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration starting point.  This answers the “which adapter has an IP address of X” type question.   The Index property on a Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration instance has the same … Continue reading

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