The Magic Disc virtual CD program doesn’t work under Windows 7 RC.  To be fair it does mention that there may be issues with it when the compatibility check is done as part of the upgrade process.

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3 Responses to MagicDisc

  1. Emmanuel says:

    Hey Richard. Greetings from California. I have also installed Magic Disc on Windows 7 RC, ignoring the issues warning. Noticing it was not working properly I tried to uninstall but Windows seems to freeze when its in the process. Did you run into the same problem?

  2. Richard says:

    Sorry noI’ve installed it on RC and RTM and it just worked for me

  3. Chad says:

    I’ve installed Magic Disc on Windows 7 RTM without issue. I did have some trouble installing Windows 7 over my Vista installation due to Magic Disc. I had to delete the devices Magic Disc creates from Device Manager and then it worked fine.

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