Live Writer

I have been using Live Writer for a while now and it is pretty good.  The latest version has some good improvements like a preview pane and the ability to see and work with the source.

Major gripe is that I can’t set a default font.  It keeps reverting to Verdana which I hate.

One issue I have seen is that when publishing it hangs occasionally and I lose the post. Not sure if its Live Writer or my broad band.  Quick fix is to always manually save a draft before publishing.  At least you don’t have to re-write if it goes wrong.

Overall I’m pretty happy with Live Writer.


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2 Responses to Live Writer

  1. Steven says:

    Richard, are you using any plugins for code formatting for PowerShell samples?

  2. Richard says:

    Not at the moment. I’m looking for a good one though. I’m thinking of trying the way shown on the PowerShell Team blog to copy colourised code out of ISE

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